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A lot of us have Websites which just stay online year after year with either no visitors or No sales from visitors. In any business, the reward for Work is profits and a website is a very important asset for your business so any website which isn’t attracting profits should really be re-considered at your next Board-Meeting.

Before that meeting though, I  found a list online of 57 things you can do right now to Improve your Website some of which are;

23. Target the content and tags of each product/service page of your site to a specific set of related keyword phrases–pay special attention to Title tags as Google and Bing/Yahoo display the Title tags in the search engine results pages.

24. Use Google Adwords combined with Google Analytics to see which keyword phrases convert into leads or sales and feature them and other related ones more prominently within the content of your website.

25. Don’t put your company name first in the Title tag of the home page — put your number one keyword phrase here instead. This tells the search engines it’s important.

26. Use your list of search phrases as a guide when creating new web pages, blog posts, and even social media posts.

27. Instead of grouping all of your Services or Products on one page, create a page for each of your services or products — and then optimize each page.

28. Start commenting productively on industry related blogs and make sure to include the hyperlink to your website in the comment fields.

29. Start using a web reporting tool (i.e. Google Analytics).


You Can read the complete article here on the DH Communications Blog

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