6 Reasons Why Your Business Must Have a Blog

Before now, having a website was hailed as a very good strategy for establishing an online presence for your business. And truly, that was the case. In fact, it’s still the case now; a website will place your business on the web. But expect nothing more. But now, creating awareness for your products and services over the internet requires more than just having […]

Over 50 things You can do immediately to increase your WebSite’s profits

A lot of us have Websites which just stay online year after year with either no visitors or No sales from visitors. In any business, the reward for Work is profits and a website is a very important asset for your business so any website which isn’t attracting profits should really be re-considered at your […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Securing a Domain Name

Your business domain name is the Most Important (and probably Cheapest) asset your business Owns on the Internet. This is what identifies your business to millions of internet users worldwide. In Interactions with clients, especially those with domain names from other sources, we have seen a lot of disturbing occurrences, the latest of which was […]