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Hello? The long war of whether to blog or not to blog has finally been won, and reading this, the Winner is Obvious 🙂 . This is the First post on the Corporate Blog of the most reliable and Customer Friendly Home for Your WebSites and Applications – Clue WebHost Nigeria and this is being penned by our Technical Contact – Peter Banigo.

Starting a blog is just another way in which this company hopes to be more accessible to customers, prospects and the general public of which already we have a dedicated and 24-7 available phone number, a support ticket system, emails and also, Social Media accounts.

This blog wouldn’t aim to be totally  marketing oriented but would be a place to interact, share tips and also discuss on topics both within and outside our core areas of expertise.

Feel Free to comment on any posts which interest you and also, this firm operates daily on the principle of CANI (Continous And Never-ending Improvement) so we always welcome your suggestions on how we can improve our services, presentation, blogging and anything you feel needs improvement. Criticsm is welcome but this must be done in a decent manner.

Well, welcome to the home of the problem-solvers, Welcome to Clue-WebHost Nigeria.

Peter Banigo

Technical Contact

Clue WebHost Nigeria

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