Do’s and Don’ts of Securing a Domain Name

Your business domain name is the Most Important (and probably Cheapest) asset your business Owns on the Internet. This is what identifies your business to millions of internet users worldwide. In Interactions with clients, especially those with domain names from other sources, we have seen a lot of disturbing occurrences, the latest of which was […]

How to get your own sms website in Nigeria (not reseller) – End of Phase 3

You’ve probably seen our adverts all over the internet promoting our SMS portal setup promotion. This extremely successful promo has gone a long, long way since it was first launched on 12th November 2010. A brief history of the promo As said before, the first version (1.0) of the promo was launched November, 2010 with […]

Welcome to the Clue WebHost Corporate Blog

Hello? The long war of whether to blog or not to blog has finally been won, and reading this, the Winner is Obvious 🙂 . This is the First post on the Corporate Blog of the most reliable and Customer Friendly Home for Your WebSites and Applications – Clue WebHost Nigeria and this is being […]