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Start Your SMS Business in Nigeria

Start Your SMS Business in Nigeria

You’ve probably seen our adverts all over the internet promoting our SMS portal setup promotion.
This extremely successful promo has gone a long, long way since it was first launched on 12th November 2010.

A brief history of the promo

As said before, the first version (1.0) of the promo was launched November, 2010 with the following features:
Free domain name
100 free SMS
Customizable website
Books & other tools to help you promote your business
Sms unit price between N1.95 – 1.35
Cost of setup = N6,500.
We hit our (modest) target of 50 portals by december before we started phase 2 of the promo.

Phase 2
This was basically the same as phase one but in this phase of the promo, in this phase, as promised on our sales page, we increased the price (slightly) to 8,500 and also increased the number of free SMS units to 500.
This promo was closed during the yuletide season to reduce the workload and let everyone go on break.
The adverts where started again after the Holidays and the promotion, like the first was getting subscribers daily.

The Customer Survey
Halfway into the promotion, we sent out a survey to all existing and new customers for the SMS sites. Analyzing the survey results, we discovered that though customers where impressed with the level of service and the promotion, pricing of the SMS Units as well as customizability of the portal was a recurring line of disagreement in almost all the results.
We sat down to contemplate the next step to take and unanimously decided that we should find a new system for the SMS Portals and also a better Gateway which would let our customers profit maximally from the Business.

What Next?

This led us to Halt all ads and also stop accepting orders for the SMS Portal while a committee set out to get a much better deal for our customers.

The whole process of research and making a decision on options available before us took two weeks after which we developed our New Improved SMS Portal : (

Free Transfers

As a company which believes in customer satisfaction before profits, we decided that since customers were not satisfied with the former portals, we would migrate our existing customers into our new system On our own cost (Free Of Charge). This was implemented by sending out an email to customers asking their permission to proceed with migrations after which all user accounts, contacts and other details where migrated on the same domain to the new server.

We took on temporary hands to speed up the migration (on a commission per migration completed basis) and also absorbed all costs incurred in the process. So far, customers are happy with their Portals.

Phase 3

After the marathon phase of the migration was concluded, we now started packaging the new portals for presentation to the public.
The third phase of this promotion was launched on the 1st of March 2011 and we decided to leave it at the same price as when the previous promo was suspended.

Features in the New SMS Portals are as follows:

Cost of setup = N8,500.
Free domain name
1000 free SMS
Ability to link to any SMS provider you like
Fully Customizable website
GSM Number Generator
Facebook App to send messages directly from Facebook
SMS Units priced from N1.00 to 1.30
Books & other tools to help you promote your business
and so so many other features which you can find by visiting the Promo page on

The response on this Promo in the past 30 days has been such that at times we Paused our online ads for days in order to fulfill old orders before proceeding to accept new orders.

The portals are completed in less than a week after payment and can take any look you imagine, today, as we promised, we are announcing the close of this Promo, and the commencement (very, very soon) of Phase 4 of the promotion.

Starting a Bulk SMS Business has never been easier as we provide all the tools you would need including proposals for you to present to other businesses.
If you have a gateway which charges less than N1 per SMS you can also give us their API so we integrate for You, Free of Charge.

The Sales Page for the Promo is still at and we really hope you own your own Portal before the price changes once more.

Call Peter, our Technical Contact on 08037422174 for any details.

Thank You for Your Patronage

Esin, Kokoma N
Sales Officer
Clue WebHost Nigeria

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