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  • An advanced, fully customizable & Powerful SMS Portal WebSite
  • SMS Prices as Low as N1.50 per SMS (to let you sell Profitably)
  • 1000 Free SMS Units to market Your Service to Prospective Customers
  • A Voucher Generation System to enable you Sell your units as Recharge Cards
  • You can use any SMS Gateway On your Site(buy from Anywhere you want to)
  • Free WebMail Addresses ( to make your business look more professional
  • Free Domain Name and Hosting!!
  • You can have as many resellers as You want that would buy From Your Own Website
  • Dedicated and Very Helpful After-Sales Support - We would take you by the Hand, even if you just know haw to click your Mouse and Turn you into a Guru in managing Your Business

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Dear Soon-to-be-Business Owner,

Let’s start with some stories (parables you May say).....

John(not his real name), a worker with one of the Government Parastatals was promoted recently.Three months after his promotion, his Four children's fees were increased, his wife started complaining that inflation had made the foodstuff money too small, his rent was almost due, and his relatives were on His neck for their allowances.

John, only Three months later, is back to Square One (or minus One) after Salary Increase.

We are all hard working and busy people, but it is no exaggeration that every single month, the cost of living in our country rises exponentially with salaries (especially for the salaried ones), hardly ever increasing (if they increase at all).

If you doubt, compare the amount of money spent on basic food-stuff exactly this time last year with now. It is a fact in many Homes that salaries do not last more than the first week of the month, the rest being filled up with borrowing.

Let’s talk of someone else, a young lady this time.

Jane graduated with Second Class Upper Honours (2.1) eight years ago. A regular customer of the Tuesday Guardian and the neighbourhood cybercafé where she regularly keeps tabs on the Job Boards and Forums for new Opportunities, Jane has lost almost all of the confidence she started out with, from outright rejection, to indecent advances to the newest reason that she is too old for employment, her story has remained the same...

Jane is jobless..

Unemployment is on the rise, not only in this country, but also globally. The old-time success formula of, Go to school - Get good grades and Get a good job no longer holds for so many youth in the country as even with stellar results, the jobs available for graduates are so few and far in-between.

As the Photo Below from a recent NDLEA Interview says...

NDLEA Interview

The stories could go on, and on and on and fill so many bibles because stories like these abound in this world where we live.

The truth is that, John and Jane have the same problem: Money problem which for John, is insufficiency and for Jane, total lack of a source of income.

Now to some current National Issues.

As a first time visitor to any Pentecostal church, you probably wrote down your number and received texts with invitations and inspirational messages directly from the Pastor.

Or Maybe you have a bank account and signed up for text alerts & end up being charged even for the “Happy Birthday” you are sent once a year.

Or you recently received an invitation to a wedding or some other occasion via sms

Or you stay somewhere like Port-Harcourt (Our Headquarters) and receive personalized text messages directly from the Governor himself,


Ok, We didn’t bring you all the way here just to tell you stories but have you ever thought of:

  • · The thousands of churches over the country and how many million members they get weekly?
  • · How many customers your bank sends sms to daily all over the country?
  • · How many occasions are held on a daily/weekly basis over the country?
  • · How many million gsm users in Rivers State receive congratulatory texts per broadcast?

When you get the answers to these questions, You’d realise that you’ve been MISSING OUT ON THE HUGE OPPORTUNITY brought about with the introduction and fast spread of GSM services all over the country!!

Some Statistics...

  1. Over 10 Billion SMS messages are sent by Nigerians in Every year.

  2. Many Nigerians are moving from phone messaging to bulk SMS especially small businesses as this is Cheaper for them

  3. With the Reforms in the telecom Industry in Nigeria, More than 40 million Nigerians use GSM phones and the number increases at an alarming rate daily

  4. The average Nigerian sends about 5 sms per day. Calculating That (with conservative estimates) if half of the 40million Nigerians mentioned above send just two SMS per day at N5.00, That would be 20,000,000 x N5 * 2= N200,000,000!! (Two Hundred Million Naira per day!!) which equals over 6 billion Naira per month

I can almost hear the engines in your brain moving frantically trying to process the figures above, but the question Now is,


Right now- As you read, there are thousands of Individuals planning weddings and other events and an appreciable number of businesses looking for a cheaper but more effective way to advertise their services

Apart from that, there are so many Individuals who have access to the internet and are sick of spending N5 – N15 per text on their phones


If you do not always P.O.O.R (Pass Over Opportunities Repeatedly), you would realize by now that there is a VERY YAWNING gap to be filled in providers of this service!!

For So many Years Now, the Bulk SMS Business has been owned and Run by a privileged few who closely hoarded the secrets of starting up and placed so many obstacles to entry for Newcomers. The Few who allowed others to come into the business set up highly restrictive reseller systems where everything was practically owned by the company and clients where hardly given a say on management and operation of their websites

But all that is about to come to and end right now:

Clue WebHost has been in the Web Design and Development field for the Past 6 years.

After over a year of very costly and painful research which was undertaken to make an entry and diversify into the bulk SMS Business, Mid-last year, we had the breakthrough and after a few months of operation and test-running, eagerly shared our success with all Nigerians by running a Highly Successful, Sold-Out Promo Last Year (& periodically for the past few years) where we offered a Bulk SMS Portal at very attractive prices.

To test Customer satisfaction (a procedure we go through periodically to improve our services) We ran a survey in the First Week of February, 2011 where we tried to gauge customer opinions on that special Promo.

After analysing survey results we have come out with this


Which addressed every single issue raised by customers.

Our Robust and User-Friendly Platform can be tested at our Sample website which we have created at


Features of Our SMS Portal

  • reseller price as low as 1.50 per unit(We let resellers buy as little as 1000 units)! Compare this to 4 Naira and Above you spend on your phones!
  • 1000 Free units to start with
  • A very customizable website using your logo, pictures and any color combination of your choice with thousands of free themes to choose from.
  • Free Customized Email addresses to add to your professional image (
  • A simple to use administration system which lets you: Change pictures, edit your pages and information, edit your prices, manage your users,

More Features:-

  • Assign free sms to new users
  • Free domain registration and Hosting for the first year(worth N10,000)
  • A robust and fully functioning voucher Generation system (Yes, You can start selling your SMS units as recharge cards with our New System
  • Setup in less than 1 week – No stories – Just count from the moment you get a text saying we confirmed your payment.
  • Strong and dedicated after-sales support – This is what we are known for!! We are very eager to help you through every step of setting up and running your new business.. Ask our existing customers.  call us on 08037422174 Just post on our facebook page, @cluewebhost on twitter, e-mail us or open a support ticket through our support page in your clients area and get a reply in not more than 24 Hours!!

And Yet More Features (Yes, we know, you are getting extreme value for your Money)

  • · Set/change SMS API Gateway URL to any provider (You are free to use any bulk sms provider if you do not want to buy from us) we would even integrate for free for you
  • · You'll get your own SMS Api to Give to your own customers and resellers (Yes, you can have resellers under you with their own websites).
  • Export all phone numbers that have ever received sms from you portal and your resellers in one click

Ok, a few more Features (You’d find a lot more we haven’t mentioned when You start using your portal)

  • You can view of all sms messages sent by members, resellers or through api
  • An invoice for Your purchase- This is printable hard-copy evidence from us that you had a transaction with us
  • Marketing Proposals to give to businesses- We wouldn’t just give you a site and leave you stranded, You would get Marketing Proposals which can be easily edited and used to promote your business

I guess that’s enough of us talking, Why don’t you listen to our customers?


”I saw a poster on this promotion and had to call for confirmation because of the numerous scams everywhere. Its not only too good to be true, its better, I had my site in record time after payment and the service I'm receiving is superb... Plus... Its so simple to use!!!”
Michael Abiodun


”What do i suppose to said again people have said it all but to my experience i tried my sites like BBN, ETEXTMAIL, STAFFMESSAGING, SMS247LIVE, ETC. but i have quite because of some issues like: high cost, insecurity, inability to deliver SMS fast, complex platform & user interface, etc
Finally i jump into Clue WebHost which my recommendation for them is 100% in all services, i now have my own reseller portal with them and doing well i now look forward to have my own full hosting Company with them by next year.
You have become the best BulkSMS Solution & WebHosting Company in Nigeria
Engr. Sanusi Aliyu Kuta Shiroro ICT Centre, Kuta, Niger State.


”WOW!! i have been extremely impressed with the quality of service smsnuvia has to offer. even the aftersales service are second to none. u have a feeling u can call in at 2am with an issue and the issue will be resolved R.E.A.L. time!!
happy anniversary, and may your path continue to shine!!
God bless”
Charles Nmeka


”Great site of the year, sms nuvia made me a gr8 man online. many people call me guru online especially reseller on my portal, but I will call Peter wizard of the year cuz he put me through. You deserve unlimited GBOSA”
Chris Tunde


”I paid in 18,000 for an SMS Portal 2 months ago to someone in Port Harcourt and the person ran away with my money without doing anything so when I heard you where in Port Harcourt, I was a bit apprehensive.
Sir, I just want to say that to me, there are only 2 SMS providers in Nigeria, SMS Nuvia and everyone else!!!
The rest are just following you! Thank You so much for the wonderful service!!”
Akinyemi Abiodun Temitayo from Oyo State

*Disclaimer! Please note that incomes are not guaranteed and that results vary from person to person.

One thing We Forgot to Mention, this website is built on a robust, secure and reliable Content Management System (CMS) which normally, our Web Development Division would not touch for anything below N350,000 (ask around for the going rate of a CMS based WebSite).

For the Purposes of this Special Promotion, where we are going to add to the number of Successful Entrepreneurs in the country,
Up till the 31st of August, 2015, We are going to be giving this portal out at the (very cheap and giveaway) rate of 350,000???, 250,000???, 200,000???, 150,000???, 100,000???, 50,000??? 39,000!!!!! Yes You read it right, & you are not Dreaming N 39,000 only and this is the least we would ever give this out for. (we've promised that and kept the promise multiple times before).

The clock is Ticking, after August 31st, 2015, you are likely going to see a different price here!! & We hope by then you would be smiling at your wisdom of grabbing this offer while it was Hot

How to Order

  • Step 1: Send an SMS with your Name + Email + GSM + Website Name you Want to use + Code: “SMSBusiness” + Date you are making payment to 0803 742 2174

  • Step 2: Head straight to the bank and pay N39,000 yes, that's right, Thirty Nine Thousand Naira Only.

    Account Name: RICO ENORO NIGERIA GTBank Account Number: 0039165517

  • Step 3: Send an EMAIL with Your FULL Name + Email + GSM + Teller Number + Name on the teller + Amount Paid+ Bank Paid to + Name of Account Paid to+ code “SMSBusiness” to sales @
    Title of the email MUST BE - "Paid for SMS Portal" + Website name

  • Step 4: Once we have verified your payment, we will send you a confirmation Email and within 24 Hours, You would be on your Way to Owning your own Online Business!!

  • *You can also pay for this offer and Buy SMS credits using your ATM Cards!

How to Order Instantly with Your ATM Cards!

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You will receive a confirmation sms and your Website will be up in less than 72 Hours after we confirm your payment.

Below is another Portal we developed, Orders where pouring in even before this was launched

Another Portal

Going Back to the Beginning of this story, John can Afford 39,000 & so can Jane & this can be the beginning of a multi-million Naira business for them(if they take their lives into their hands) both as We have made sure we provide them with everything they would need to start off the business, cheap prices, free sms, reliable gateway, proposals and training meaning after the 39,000 – another stream of income is immediately created....

Or, they can Pass Over this Opportunity (Repeatedly) and keep complaining of how horrible the country, the politicians and the government are.

So with just N39,000, this is what you will get

  • Free Domain Name Registration for the first year
  • Free 1-year Web Hosting to support your website
  • Free professional Web Design and Programming
  • Free Marketing Proposals
  • Your own Unique gateway( also comes with complete API that your resellers and clients can use and integrate in their website for auto responding and other applications). Everything will be programmed such that your website works on autopilot while you sleep. Once its set up, you can now sell to your users and resellers.
  • Free Training on How to manage your business website
  • Free Training on how to monetize and drive traffic to your website...
GSM Number Generator

First 50 people to book will have access to

  • Free Professional Landing Page Templates to Use for Your Sales
  • How to make N100,000 monthly from facebook plus How to Create Facebook Applications
  • Website Flipping Made Ridiculuously Simple
  • A collection Of Materials to make you a Guru in Advertising and Marketing
  • Effective Methods of Advertising on Facebook
  • How to write a bankable business plan
  • How to create, edit, package and market video tutorials
  • Export Trade Guide
  • How to create Stunning, Proffesional Website Templates Using Artisteer

Also, recently added Bonuses for all Subscribers are:

  • The Auto Income BluePrint System by Efe Imiren a renowned business Consultant
  • 5 Ways to flood your email address with Unlimited Cash - by Jimmy D. Brown
  • How to Add Real and Perceived Value to Boost Profits and Repeat Sales From Information Products on the Internet
  • A 128- page guide on How to make Millions Organising and Promoting Seminars
  • 63 killer marketing strategies on packaging your product or offering for end users
  • How to create an Email Mini-Course in one day
  • Direct Marketing Secrets - The Eight Components of Irresistable Direct Marketing

What are you waiting for!!!???

In less than a Week you can have a fully customized bulk SMS Portal Like This is a very time-sensitive opportunity you cannot afford to miss. The time is ticking,

NB: Only Get this if you are Prepared to work to Promote your Business. Only Buying this without promoting would be a waste of Money.
Any contact lists referred to are opt-in lists

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