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Before now, having a website was hailed as a very good strategy for establishing an online presence for your business. And truly, that was the case. In fact, it’s still the case now; a website will place your business on the web. But expect nothing more.

But now, creating awareness for your products and services over the internet requires more than just having a website.

I can guess what’s on your mind. You’re thinking, “What are you saying? Do you mean I’ve not done enough after spending lots of money on the design and contentof my website?”

Well, the answer is YES. You’ve not done enough – considering the way marketing is done online as of present.

So, what is that thing you should add to your online marketing efforts? It’s a BLOG.

You may have heard about blogging several times, but it’s high time you get started. Having a blog is necessary for every business that aims at attracting clients online.

Now, I’ll give you six reasons why you should create a blog for your business:

1. Blogging shows your expertise

Your website visitors cannot understand how deeply knowledgeable you are about your products and services by merely reading your “About us” or “Products and services” pages.

Rather, to demonstrate your expertise you need to show it through your blog posts. You need to offer relevant and helpful information about your business (to your prospects and customers). This information must answer their questions and solve their problems.

In addition, the information must be offered free and on a frequent basis. A blog is the best avenue for this.

2. Blogging helps you build trust

Today, blatantly advertising your products and services no longer builds trust. In fact, it only repels prospects – no thanks to the zillions of scam stories they’ve read.

When you offer valuable information frequently, your prospects will trust your business and regard you as an authority in your field. And when this happens, they’ll do business with you, even when you you’ve not promoted your business blatantly.

So, only a blog can prove your business’s credibility and show that it’s not a scam.

3. Blogging helps you build relationships with your customers

Because a blog allows readers to share their thoughts in the comments section, you can communicate better with your prospects and customers.

By running a blog, you’ll get comments, suggestions, opinions, questions, and so on about your business from your audience. These can help you make better decisions regarding your business and engage more with your prospects and customers.

4. Blogging is a very good avenue for advertising

While it’s not a good idea to lace your blog with intrusive and annoying ads, it doesn’t hurt to promote your products or services in a subtle way.

Of course, if your prospects don’t know what you offer, they won’t do business with you. So, you’ll have to let them know about your business through some subtle advertising. But there’s a caveat: this should come only after you’ve offered them lots of valuable content.

5. A blog attracts more search engine traffic

Because blogs are updated often and the number of pages increases steadily, they tend to rank higher in Google and other search engines. This is because search engines love websites that have many pages and are updated frequently.

So, if you run a blog, you’ll attract more prospects through search engines.

6. A blog costs much less to maintain

With blogging platforms such as Wordpress and Blogger, you can easily update and manage your blog even if you’re a dummy when it comes to website design.

You won’t have to call an expert every time you want to add new content or make other changes – because virtually everything about blogging is simplified.

I hope you’re now convinced that your business really needs a blog. Now, another interesting fact is that a blog can stand on its own. I mean, you can have a blog and still use it as your business website. So, you don’t have to set them up differently.

Start a blog today, and you’ll attract more prospects and retain more customers. To get started, click here for more information.

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